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Like a traditional, reciprocating screw machine, Sodick’s two-stage injection technology (shown here) utilizes a small screw to melt and convey material. But unlike traditional machines the screw is not responsible for injecting plastic into the mold (or any high speed lateral movements). It feeds a second chamber, which is metered precisely ...

Two-Stage Injection Meets Molder’s Need for High Precision

The two-stage screw/plunger system on Empire’s Sodick presses eliminates the reciprocating screw and the need for a check valve, resulting in much more precise and repeatable injection, with lower shear on the resin. The result is drastically fewer rejects and less downtime for cleaning up deposits from resin offgassing.

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Two-Stage Injection Molding Author:Haifly Machinery Date:2010-4-25 23:37:16 My favorite part about working on R&D projects is that they tend to challenge you to think outside the box, try new things, and learn about the latest technologies.

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This can be achieved with the use of a 2 stage vacuum pump that is capable of 2 Pa (15 μmHg). Single Use Injection Molds: Injection molding through the use of a single use injection can be achieved through the use of “plaster of paris.” The mold will produce one solid part.

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The first step of the injection molding process is clamping. Injection molds are typically made in two, clamshell-style pieces. In the clamping phase, the two metal plates of the mold are pushed up against each other in a machine press.. 2. Injection. When the two plates of the mold are clamped together, injection can begin.

Sodick Two Stage Plunger Injection System - V-LINE Injection

Sodick Injection Molding Machines use two stage plunger injection molding system for Exact Dosing capability.

BLOW MOLDING: Single- or Two-Stage PET Bottle Making: Get to ...

The latter issue has led to a subcategory of single-stage machines that I call integrated two-stage machines. These machines feature a multiple of two or three injection cavities per blow cavity, and the blow sections of them cycle two or three times for every injection cycle.

Injection Molding Process

Plastic injection molding processes consist of four main stages: filling, packing, cooling and stripping. The four stages determine the quality of the injection molded parts, and the four stages are a complete and continuous process. Filling stage. Filling the melt flow into mold cavities is the first step in the process, the mold cavities ...

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