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The Injection Molding Process Having a basic understanding of the injection molding process will help you understand what features to consider when designing parts for injection molding and also how to forecast production schedules. 01 DESIGN THE CAD MODEL Choose the color, texture, and resin. 02 DESIGN VERIFICATION

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Plastic flow rate is measured in seconds from the start of injection until transfer to pack and hold at 95% to 99% full mold. (Note: This fill time is not the same as the first stage timer setting.) Fill time in combination with a calculation of shot volume gives a volumetric flow rate, which is a plastic variable measurement.

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5. Gate location. Gate location ideally should be specified by a designer, molder and tool maker. Gate location is critical to virtually every attribute of an injection molded part. It affects appearance, warpage, tolerances, surface finish, wall thickness, molded in stresses and physical properties, to name a few.

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Bottle cap as a packaging container mass production, the best choice of multi-cavity bottle cap mold, consider the existing injection molding machine clamping force, injection volume and the precision of the bottle cap and economic factors, determine the number of cavities for the mold. Pouring System Planning

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When plastic is injected, it generally requires that the water absorption rate does not exceed 0.1%. When the requirements are strict, it often does not exceed 0.04%. This requires the plastic to have a preheating drying process before injection molding.

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Designing of the system follows some standard rules; Use the largest ejector pins possible The ejector pin should be 3/4 of the molding surface Ejector pins should be designed to push parts Plates and pins should be numbered to aid in the assembly National standard ejector blades and shanks to be used

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Figure 7 is a surface finish guide created by the Plastic Industry Association for use during plastic injection molding. As you can imagine, going up the scale to the “A” surface finish gets more time consuming, and therefore, raises tooling cost. Starting at C-3, each stage on this scale builds on the one before it.

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The process works as follows: 1) A mould cavity defines the shape of the part. 2) Material (melted plastic) is injected under pressure into the cavity. 3) When the plastic cools it solidifies to take the form defined by the mould. 4) The part is ejected, and the process repeats from step 2.

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Manufacturers and injection molders agree that the design for the manufacturing phase has the most impact on production results. Mold flow analysis and prototype development, part of the part design process for plastic injection molding, can lead to high cost and time efficiencies. It involves several considerations to ensure that plastic parts ...

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Design for Assembly. Design for assembly (DFA) is a process by which products are designed with ease of assembly in mind with the ultimate goal of reducing assembly time and costs. The reduction of the number of parts in an assembly s usually where the major cost benefits of DFA occurs. Design for Sustainability.

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In my opinion, these snap locks are the most difficult to design, prototype and optimize because the forces applied to deform and snap two parts together are very difficult to calculate or predict. Annular snap locks are often seen in snap-on bottle caps, pen caps, plastic containers and low-cost consumer electronic housings.

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The shot volume or injection pressure is not sufficient. Injection speed is so slow that the molten plastics becomes solid before it flows to the end of the mold. Solution Apply higher injection pressure. Install air vent or degassing device. Change the shape of the mold or gate position for better flow of the plastics.

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